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A Variety of Windows to Meet Your Requirements

Lance Roofing, Windows & Doors sells, installs and replaces quality windows for residential customers across the Winnipeg area. Throughout the years, we’ve focused on providing a variety of products that are able to meet your style, performance and budget requirements. Below you will find information about the various types of windows we’d be more than happy to assist you with – please contact us for more information or to request an estimate.


If you want to air out a humid bathroom or kitchen, an awning window might be your best option. This type of window is designed for good ventilation while protecting your home from undesired moisture.


Basement windows are designed to allow good ventilation and natural light. They may also serve as an optional escape route in the case of an emergency in some cases.


Because they can be constructed using several different types of windows, bay windows are extremely versatile. They can be added to just about any room and allow good ventilation and natural light. Bay windows add a touch of elegance, which can help you increase your home’s curb appeal.


Bow windows are usually made up of four or more bay window units, which are joined to form a curve. By allowing in more natural light, bow windows can help make a room appear more spacious.


Casement windows are extremely easy to open and close, which is what makes them extremely popular among homeowners. They can come in a number of designs, colours and sizes and offer superior natural ventilation and light.

Horizontal Slider

Horizontal-slider windows allow easier maintenance and optimum visibility of the outdoors due to their inward-folding section. They come in vinyl and make durable choices that also allow proper ventilation.

Fixed Picture

Fixed picture windows imitate the frames of a casement and awning frame to give balance to a multi-frame window picture – or small picture has a frame that is minimized, maximizing the size of the glass and light.


Picture windows also come in a variety of shapes and sizes that allow natural light and energy-efficiency during the cold Manitoba winter nights.


Single-hung windows make a slightly better energy-efficient option than double-hung windows because they have a fixed top section and a bottom section that is able to slide up and down, allowing better ventilation. Single-hung windows are also known as vertical sliders.

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